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Back – with a roundabout

I’ve returned, and I bring you tidings of Mythbusters.  This time, the guys are testing whether the traditional American four way stop is more or less efficient than the roundabout.

The results matched with what I’d have imagined, but one thing that I’d like to have seen thrown into the mix (because what’s a Mythbusters test without fan suggestions) would be pedestrians.  Does the higher percentage of foot traffic along European roads change the usefulness of the roundabout?  I have a feeling it gets even more efficient, but that’s just a wild guess…

I can’t even…

Head on over to The Verge right now where they are mercilessly making fun of Qualcomm’s keynote presentation at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.  Or just skip to the highlights below to see the most insane presentation I’ve ever encountered.

I can’t even fathom being trapped in that presentation hall for this trainwreck.

Needed in my life

There are some things that are necessary in one’s life.  This “Dress Up Bigfoot” magnet set is one of them.  To quote the manufacturer:

Why can’t we find him? We think its because he’s right under our very noses, hidden in plain sight. So we’ve created this fun magnet set to help you find clues to catching a glimpse of the mythical beast.

A lark

While listening to one of my favorite paranormal/cryptozoological podcasts the other night, the name of a blog got lodged in my head.  Modern Pterosaur – which covers sightings of flying, prehistoric creatures in the present day – struck me as an ideal name for a spunky women’s magazine.  And thus was born this cover (with Kate’s help, of course):

Zambian dreaming

In today’s “look at this cool thing that Wired unearthed” posting we have these incredible photos by Christina de Middel that envision what a Zambian space program in the 60’s might have looked like.  Don’t laugh: apparently one was “seriously” considered.  The image above is my new favorite thing of the next 72 hours, at least.

A message from China

Kate received this missive in her inbox this morning.  Looking quite a bit like normal spam, we were both delighted to discover the truly bizarre (and wonderful to me, a conspiracy nut) message contained within.  Published here for both its sheer weirdness and near-artistry, I give you :

Fwd: 我是不是應該告訴你,請你的小孩小心看政治人物、新聞,因為我們的世界正在進行恐怖和變態的,沉默大屠殺

The purpose of this email is to make certain accusations against the Chinese government and my cry for help. Thank you for your time and your help will be highly appreciated.
    我的部落格網址      yahoo blog          nownews blog        udn / blog
These Chinese who are bloodier, dirtier, more depraved than the Japanese military during the rape of Nanking in World War II have stepped over their countless innocent victims. Don’to be fooled because China is extremely low class: they are not human. Using technology China has infiltrated all places in this world utilizing inhumane methods to terrorize innocent laborers and establishing a stable of their demons (politicians, reporters) who slaughter throughout the free world.
Are you aware that the news you are watching is interlaced with Communist China’s propaganda,as
Communist China maps a realm of news with innocent lives?
Communist China is scheming a millennial terrorist activity by manipulating people’s behaviors
through “electromagnetic waves” to contain criticism and harm innocent human lives.
1. The anomaly in community traffic of cars and motorcycles and drag racing,and reckless honking by
cars and motorcycles is exceeding an unprecedented level.
2. Communist China has the technology to scan the human brain waves through military satellite and
to discern and decipher their thoughts,scheming to instill individual interference focusing on
each individual in need using the satellite electromagnetic waves.
3. Deploying electromagnetic waves is poised to project onto the human brain with certain
sounds for the perception of grossly traumatizing or startling pain,or deploying the broadcast
of noise via electromagnetic waves in sleeping humans with edited clips of films or through
voice or image signals onto our brains or besiege our sensory functions with fabricated
audible and sensory illusions.
4. It manipulates one’s moods,such as smiling,nervousness,disgust,panic,anger,sorrow,
desires,appetite,and so forth.
5. It interferes the human brain’s thinking capability,memory or linguistic capability,to name a
few,causing spasms of muscles and fingers in the left and right hands,stinging aches
throughout the body,coughing,yawning,trembling,involuntary blinking of the eye,runny
nose and so forth.
6. Electromagnetic waves are deployed to hinder the motoring functions of the body and neck,
disrupt the heartbeat or respiration,manipulate dizziness,deprive one’s sleep,spasm,saliva
gland,dental neural pain,etc.
7. Watch out that Communist China is infiltrating the news media by deploying electromagnetic
waves to besiege the broadcast media,map out viral disillusion or erroneous perception,and
investigate threats of brainwashing in viral spreading.
8. It further moved to deploy various symptoms in what one sees of media icons,gesture terms,
adding a skewed interpretation to one’s cognitive awareness,misleading an individual to
hallucinate or suffer,such as the North Korean’s rigid smile,which is a tactic Communist
China often deploys to counter the people.
(9. By observing the resolution accuracy of Communist China’s sound and image (scenario)
interference projected onto the human’s brain,this can only be achieved with a certain level
of frequencies at the source of interference,hence there is no doubt that it has to be the
electromagnetic wave. Yet questions remain as to what range of frequencies the source of
interference deploys,or what kind of electromagnetic waves insulation chamber would suffice
to provide an insulation yield? Communist China might deploy specific metal alloys as small scale
molecular antennas, which are attached to the human brain in large number,creating
electromagnetic waves when the human brain is in function,where the current created by
Communist China’s electromagnetic interference would poise to amplify in a staggering
number of multiplication,which Communist China can detect at all times to discern and
muscles would excel the generation of electrode,which in turn create a corresponding
electromagnetic wave within.
10. Some of Communist China’s intimidation experiences in 2002:6.9 “Hey,are you tired of living?”
6.14 “We had concocted the bombing incident at the U.S. embassy in Pakistan”
“Jiang Zhemin ordered us to kill you,but without creating scenes”6.16 “The Pakistani
civilian troops confessed that they had schemed the bombing of the U.S. embassy in
Pakistan,which we had manipulated them to confess,so what are you going to do about it?”
6.19 “Hey,why don’t you just go ahead and commit suicide””We are going to scheme
murder using the public bus”6.20 “Commit suicide by burning charcoal,get it?”6.25 “Jiang
Zhemin just does not like you,go hit your head against the wall”.
11. I reckon that there are victims abound out in the street,no less alarming than wars,and those
not in the know or did not understand that Communist China’s simple electromagnetic design
could easily turn people against each other,create moving incidents,little lese to say mislead
the youth to broach down the wrong path,suicidal prompting,design and fabrication of a host
of society news (which Communication China refers to as movie making),as Communist China has had a
decade long of the technology,and has long abused its technological advantages to scheme up design
of abusing human lives by arranging fabricated news to poison and infiltrate the free
world,manipulate and misguide the contents of the media,and deploy brainwashing and malicious
spread of viruses,done with insinuation and riddles.The fact that Communist China’s slaughtering
the innocent had been the result of a high level of calculation,and a high level of rationalization,
where the threats are in existence,and cannot be ignored of their detrimental severity.
12. Communist China often coerce people to watch news compiled by the reporter Lu Yuling of the cable
news in order for them to be saved,but few are aware that Communist China had merely deploy the
reporter to entrap many people. I do envision that those that turn to committing crime as framed
by Communist China,the extra sufferings by the ordinary people,and the deaths of many innocent
lives will not go unnoticed as hindered by a condoning attitude.
13. Nazi Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Chinese Liberation Army, security police and armed police have committed suppression and massacre on their own civilians. Hu, Jiang and the other atrocious butchers owe these innocent civilians! More horrible and serious is that they are using mysterious killing technologies to cause harms to human brains around the world, making advantage of numerous international politicians and journalists to help them commit atrocities and beautify their actions, aiming to overturn and suppress those innocent people and cover up their terrorist acts and win fame by cheating the world. Securing in the knowledge that they have strong backing, these arrogant and shameless butchers have committed tortures and mass killing cruelly to those innocent ones around the world. Unfortunately, neither these politicians and nor journalists knowing what is what would dare to express their conscience.
14. The inhumane acts and atrocities committed by Nazi China are far more vicious than that of Nanjing massacre in China during WWII committed by Japanese army, as Chinese government is using mysterious technologies to commit massacres to masses of bare-handed civilians around the world as well as launch violence and terrorist activities to suppress these completely unarmed people’s freedom of speech. These demons, like Hu, Jinag and Chinese Liberation Army, despise the chastity, dignity and precious life of those innocent ones and suppress the emotions of their beloved. Meanwhile, relying on the condition that most of people in the world will not be able to witness their vicious acts of violence and behaviors they have committed unscrupulously and shamelessly, these Chinese Liberation Army enjoys using cruel ways to torture, massacre and trample on these innocent people, physically and mentally, in one free world. The arrogant Hu, Jiang and those jackals nurtured under such ferocious power treat themselves as the symbol of benevolence and hero, as they fail to learn their gutless and vicious acts to trample on those innocent people. If these demons, butchers and dregs of human, such as Hu, Jiang and Chinese Liberation Army who have become frenzied and conscienceless appeared in the site of Nanjing massacre in WWII, they definitely would be the leading roles to act atrocities!
15. We don’t want to see masses of innocent people to fall victim to the hell on earth built by red China where they will be susceptible to tortures and massacres for thousands of years.
16. Despite being even unable to fend for themselves in face of the high-tech detriments and attacks from China, we can not tolerate the fact that these politicians and journalists will become the accomplices to help China commit its terrorist acts and suppression on these innocent people in the current era or an unknown future.
17. In view of the notorious, vicious and sinister Hu, Jiang, Chinese Liberation Army with blood-stained hands, we just cast doubt over whether these greats of knowing what is what who have negotiated with these demons will show their conscience to save these innocent civilians or will act just for the sake of their profits, or are under the control of China. In this current drowned world, how will these innocent lives be treated in face of the atrocious acts committed by these diabolical figures, or when these innocent people will witness the practice of democracy in China? Will these phenomena turn out to be the joint efforts and endeavors achieved by China and those powerful figures in the world? Are we really dedicated to overturning such adversity? Our goal is to eliminate the vicious power one day with our strenuous efforts, and we absolutely will achieve it! )
                                    Chen,Shun-Chuan 2002.10.13* Republic of China (Taiwan)
About Me:

I (and many of my relatives and acquaintances) are currently under siege by China through the use of unknown technology infiltrating our brains. Extremely underhanded and inhumane methods have been maliciously exterminating me 24 hours a day for the past 9 years by the increasingly violent and depraved Nazi China(China is not democratic as stated by the kiss ass Ma Ying-Jeou). My allegations against China are that through Google search related information can be found for my blog, but on ning my account is partially blocked by the administrator and I do not know when I will be banned from NING. I pray that the world and future generations can understand the neverending violence and genocide carried out by China. 
Chen,Shun-Chuan ( 陳順銓 )

Republic of China (Taiwan) 


一.社區汽機車來往或飆車的異常,汽機車的亂按喇叭…..以前沒有的情況。二.小心新聞媒體、傳媒,也許可能有中共入侵。三.不知名的遠程可以讀心的侵腦軍事武力,中國有發展科技可能利用衛星,接收偵測遠距離外我們每個個     別的人的腦資訊,進而解讀,知道其思想。四.利用電磁波干擾不知情人的腦,進而影響到其身體、四肢、頸等的活動。產生頭痛、暈眩、精神萎靡。五.干預心跳或呼吸、影響嗅覺、味覺的認知等….左右睡眠、抽筋。六.利用電磁波使人對某些突然的聲音感到驚悸,或某些雜音..使其感到煩躁、不安或失眠..
    、耳朵發癢、顫抖、眼皮抖動…..,進而對於這些或所能利用的各種症候或所見所聽,如媒體、圖案、所     說的話….對事物的認知加與另一種的解釋,使其產生錯亂或磨難….
九.使用電磁波在人睡夢中,播放特製的影片訊號。於日常生活中傳遞聲音訊息、影像概念…..似幻聽、似     幻覺、或迷失。十.心理戰術,利用人性弱點,使人們互相失去信任…等。十一.這個社區有可能被用做實驗的對象….有的可能極輕微或短暫但可能有較嚴重者,希望多幫忙,居安要         思危,多關懷別人,也要多加留心自己的安全。十二.無故發現自己好像被人監視、下藥,檢視上面的幾項,..有發現台灣民視記者言論也搞是非不分失衡傾中嗎,觀察         一下自己的情況,要小心媒體、新聞的中國特殊入侵、假像,求援時可能需小心一下醫生….
         。可以跟我一樣拼一次,不要怕中國不准腦筋碰觸到他們的紅線警告,用腦筋想。怎麼自救或也要求         救,按壓打腳掌可以減輕痛苦…十四.多對外求援,愈多人的努力,對可能為受害者的多說明為電磁波的原因,愈多人明膫對你我的處境將更         有利。

十七.我認為滿街都有受害者,不比戰爭,不明白不知道的,中共畜生簡單電磁波設計,就可使人反目,製造車禍,更甭說一年青人的誤入歧途, 自殺的加工,設計製造的種種社會新聞(中共自稱拍電影),中共擁有這科技超過十六年,長年濫用科技優勢,草菅人命設計安排「加工製造新聞」,腥風血雨滲透破壞自由世界,箝制操弄泰半傳媒內容,行洗腦.恐嚇.散病毒(話中有話,看圖說故事…),中共任何屠殺無辜的事實,都是經過高度的計算,高度的合理化,這些威脅都是確實存在!千萬不要輕忽嚴重性!

二十四.98年被中共恐嚇經驗,1.16「陳雅琳覺得這次欸(ㄟˋ)才搞到10萬倍個太小意思」1.17「欸的始作俑者是三立新聞媒體欸」1.20「盧宥伶最擅長的是恐嚇」 6.29「全台灣就你一個不怕他們害他們記者越來越不像恐怖組織」7.6「你最大的功勞就是打草驚蛇警察最大的功勞就是把賣國賊記者化妝成媽祖」7.11「林益如說她要全部的記者英雄和政治人物英雄都不要理你的求救剛好而已」7.11「我們要讓你嘗盡被記者出賣的快感」7.11「大道奈緒要你不要講記者對你精神虐待不然她們和馬英九會要你家破人亡」7.15「人家在百貨公司打球百貨公司處理就可以TVBS鄭凱云要把這個拿來炒作威懾平民不然你怎麼樣」7.17「劉麗惠說她是因為知道你被大陸精神虐待最嚴重所以才連播彰化新聞數年」8.20「中國屠殺台灣人和捐錢給88災民tvbs選擇只大量強調中國多好心不然你怎麼樣白癡」8.22「你那麼挑剔tvbs那麼tvbs偷偷把災民(88水災)分成支持馬英九和討厭馬英九的可以吧」9.20「李豔秋說民進黨沒出息知道了嗎」9.27「馬英九把熱比婭當恐怖份子中國當英雄不可以嗎」11.14「李豔秋說她陳進興的錢都敢賺了你不要太囂張(*中國指台灣記者或統派連比陳進興殘忍的中國的錢他們都敢賺了..) 」二十五.中國沒有馬英九講的拍馬屁變民主,被醜陋政府、電視媒體(例如tvbs)睜眼說瞎話、漠視的豬狗生畜牲養中國大暴行,物以類聚不要被有心人士騙了中國正極端下賤在屠殺殘害別人他們不是人,我們不要醜陋記者政客吹捧的只見胡錦濤江澤民.中國和賣國賊笑卻沒有任何人可以替被屠殺殘害平民講真話的中國的時代 )                附注 : 這個科技是電磁波是我猜的,                                                                                                                                                                                                                    陳順銓 中華民國 101.04.02*




But what shall we call it?

io9 invites us to “bask in the metallic magnificence” of this VW Beetle turned dinosaur sculpture.  But, to combine another article from the same site, can we call it that?  While doing just what was suggested and planning a quick post over here, I encountered a story about New York City schools’ planned ban on certain words for standardized tests.  These are words that might make some students feel “uncomfortable.”  Like “dinosaur.”

This all leaves me feeling distinctly…something.  Not sure if “uncomfortable” is quite the word for it.  Perhaps “flabbergasted” more aptly covers the emotion?

The QWERTY effect

“We know how a word is spoken can affect its meaning. So can how it’s typed,” said cognitive scientist Kyle Jasmin of the University of College London, co-author of a study about the so-called “QWERTY effect” in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. “As we filter language, hundreds or thousands of words, through our fingers, we seem to be connecting the meanings of the words with the physical way they’re typed on the keyboard.”

That’s…unexpected.  I find myself visualizing the left side of the keyboard far more positively than the right, though (and I’m right handed).  I wonder what kind of inverted brain that points to?  Regardless, the subtle influences of our everyday things never ceases to amaze me!


Caulk the wagon and float it across


Imagine this scene, but much, much darker.

You’d then have an approximation of what I encountered on my way down to Mont Alto in the Fleet car this morning.  As I wound through the dark of 5:30 am, unable to turn on my high beams in the rain owing to a truck in front of me, I accidentally miscalculated where I was and turned about .5 miles too soon for the logging road I’d normally take.  Unperturbed, my GPS merrily plotted a new course on some rather rough tracks past camps, a mere .8 miles extra distance.

Harried and still slightly groggy, I kept trudging along, though I did notice what seemed to be an increased amount of puddles as I made my way.  By the .3 miles to left turn part of my journey, I looked ahead to discover that the road I should have been traveling over was more suited to small watercraft.  As my lane of travel had narrowed to just wider than a Ford, I endeavored to back up away from the deluge, using a chained off driveway a bit up the way I had come as an awkward launching point for a truly spectacular multipoint turn around.

Of course I had to make my way back in the “daylight” to snap a photo to accompany my adventure tale!

Update:  Hannah astutely pointed out that this comic from CaptchArt accurately, well, captures my experience.