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Well, if your kids can draw like this…

The Battle of the Fruit and Vegetable Soldiers

The Battle of the Fruit and Vegetable Soldiers

In celebration of Darwin’s 205th birthday yesterday, The Appendix urges visitors to check out the original manuscript of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.  Why?  Well, aside from some interesting notes in the margins and amazing drawings from the birthday boy himself, there are also these amazing drawings, like above, from his children (all ten of them).  Honestly, I’d hang most of them on my walls without thinking twice.

Also turning 30 this month

I’m happy to say that I’ve only spent 20 days in a world without the Mac.  It’s really come to define my day to day life as a platform and a phenomenon and I’m not sure where I’d be professionally or creatively without it.  And that’s not just fanatic gushing – the Mac was how I taught myself to be who I am in my career today.

Check out Apple’s entire Thirty Years of Mac feature for more on what others think of the little computer that could do so much.

Paris: survived

Greetings, readers.  Just wanted to make everyone aware that not only did I survive Paris with Dusty, but I actually had a remarkably great time.  It was, truly, the perfect 30th birthday adventure and I’d highly recommend something like it to my fellow late-twenties friends.  Because I’m an enormous dork, I put together a short highlight video (really, I needed to have a new example clip to demonstrate iMovie on the iPad in classes this term – but I’d probably have done it anyway).  You can see it in its 1080p glory here:

And, of course, photos.  Had to justify purchasing a new lens, you see.

Even more on Flickr.

Things I’d totally play…

More than once you’ll find yourself asking: Is that stairway really a dead end? And the answer is, probably not.Monument Valley is full of optical illusions that test your spatial reasoning. But it’s your job to figure out what’s real, what’s fake and how you can bridge the gap between those two states using the visual cues from the game.

- Liz Stinson, Wired


Watch: “Do Digital Natives Exist?”

I can’t tell you the number of times that faculty (or my mother) have told me that they just don’t understand computers in the way that I do because they didn’t have them around for their entire lives.  I certainly understand the sentiment, but it really falls apart on closer inspection.  The first computer that I used (an Apple IIe) bears very little resemblance to the iPad mini I use to browse the web for videos like this one.  Those that are considered “digital natives” are forced to adapt just as much as those born before computers existed.  And they also need training and support on tools that they are unfamiliar with, just like anyone else.  So you can imagine my moment of “right on-ness” with this latest Idea Channel transmission.  What do you think?

Watch: the Jupiter Ascending trailer

You know, I’d been truly prepared to not care for Jupiter Ascending.  And I was certainly not expecting to find myself really wanting to see the film.  But the trailer has me hooked and I think I can even get behind Mila Kunis in the lead role.  So, count me in!

Let’s fast-track this one, shall we?

I was prepared to roll my eyes at another airline “innovation” but I can actually get behind Morph from seymourpowell.  Imagine being able to upgrade your seat without the stupid divisions between front and back of the plane.  Or just to have reclining functions without encroaching on or being encroached upon by – other passengers.  I’d imagine the use of no foam also cuts down on the environmental impact of manufacturing all of those seats and prevents them from wearing out as quickly, to boot.  If only the seats could also roll forward and backward…

Back – with a roundabout

I’ve returned, and I bring you tidings of Mythbusters.  This time, the guys are testing whether the traditional American four way stop is more or less efficient than the roundabout.

The results matched with what I’d have imagined, but one thing that I’d like to have seen thrown into the mix (because what’s a Mythbusters test without fan suggestions) would be pedestrians.  Does the higher percentage of foot traffic along European roads change the usefulness of the roundabout?  I have a feeling it gets even more efficient, but that’s just a wild guess…