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May 2011

Apple’s iCloud on the Horizon

I just blogged recently about the confirmation of the iCloud on my iPad blog, but thought it would be worth a mention over here, too.  Especially given Wired‘s great write up about this 4th go-round for Apple.  A choice quote:

Apple is finally getting serious with online media services. The company began building a 500,000-square-foot data center in North Carolina in 2009, which would support an enormous volume of data. […] “The companies that are building the biggest data centers tend to also have the biggest cloud ambitions,” said Rich Miller, an editor of Data Center Knowledge, regarding Apple’s data center […]

Given that I haven’t used MobileMe since it was way back in the early 2000s, I’m very excited to see what Apple has in store. If this gives me the ability to upload my music to online storage and access it from anywhere on any Apple device, I’d be willing to pay just about any reasonable monthly fee they can come up with. I suspect I’m not alone in this thinking, either.

The discreet charm of Sean Young

We spent this morning talking about how totally amazing actress Sean Young is after I stumbled across some candid photos she had posted to her website from the set of Blade Runner. (io9)

The fact that this could easily be a photo of my fiancée does not elude me…

Kate pointed out to me that the movie that got her into cryptozoology as a child was actually one that starred Ms Young (as a mokele-mbembe protecting paleontologist, no less).  We both lamented the fact that a broken arm kept her out of Batman and her insane antics – while endearing – kept her down in Hollywood.  I’m reminded of a recent Entertainment Weekly piece on her unfailing belief in an imminent comeback.  Regardless of whether she gets another break into stardom, she’ll always have played some crush-worthy sci-fi characters and is an icon to this household.

hot too soon (mix)

The hot too soon tracklist:

  1. “Vesuvius” – Sufjan Stevens
  2. “When I’m Sleepy” – Wild Beasts
  3. “Dry and Dusty” – Fever Ray
  4. “Come Down” – White Lies
  5. “Calgary” – Bon Iver
  6. “Dust Bowl III” – Other Lives
  7. “Future Starts Slow” – The Kills
  8. “Ghost Under Rocks” – Ra Ra Riot
  9. “Le Chat Du Cafe Des Artistes” – Charlotte Gainsbourg
  10. “Season’s Tree” – Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
  11. “A Forest” – Bat For Lashes
  12. “Frostbite” – Oh Land
  13. “Lemonade” – CocoRosie
  14. “The Words That Maketh Murder” – PJ Harvey

Limited time download here.

Grab a high resolution PDF of the cover art to go with your download.

Home buying changes

Rising gas prices have an affect over many aspects of our lives. Besides increasing the cost of operating automobiles, more expensive fuel leads to an increase in the cost of shipped goods, food and airline tickets. Can gas prices also create changing attitudes amongst home shoppers?

Very interesting.  I’ve known quite a few people that drive over 100 miles each way to work on a daily basis and could never imagine how that worked in a practical sense.  Perhaps this article is saying that it doesn’t?  Or won’t any more?


Fan Pages Hurt

I spent this fine afternoon creating a brand new Facebook Fan page for the Media Commons as our old Group page was set to be frozen in carbonite – with no option for mercy.  Armed with advice from our resident social media guru, I set to work with a spring in my step.  Most everything went fairly smoothly and we started racking up fans even before the bulk of the move was complete.  However, I hit a snag when it came time to start adding apps.  

Well, make that app.  It was really just the addition of RSS that brought the entire endeavor to its knees.  For whatever reason, every RSS app I tried offered tantalizing glimmers of functionality and then utter failure.  The eventual winner (following much muttering and a few threats of violence against my computer) was RSS Graffiti which is now seamlessly integrating our news feed into the Page Wall.  
Check out my handiwork on the new Media Commons Page (and make sure you Like us while you’re there)!

That’s one way to get Top Gear

Franco is a Top Gear Philippines reader who got started with his personal obsession with the magazine when a friend traded him an issue for a carving of a Ferrari.  From a single block of wood.  With working doors and full interior.

Did I mention that Franco also carves wonderfully detailed cars in his spare time?  He’s quite good, as you’ve probably seen in the video above.


Critical Documentary Making

The data demonstrated that critical documentary making is a pedagogically rich classroom ac- tivity, providing holistic experiences for pupils through connecting school life with the outside world; facilitating pupils’ explorations of societal issues which may support a sense of belong- ing to the wider community; empowering pupils to develop skills which can be used for voice and to make a difference; and enabling pupils to learn to critically read the media and become competent with information and communication technology which is transferable to other school activities.

A thesis
posted on DML’s site on research conducted on the impact of documentary filmmaking in the classroom.  While Rosalind Cooper was looking specifically at Finnish primary school children, I think the findings (exemplified by the above paragraph pulled from the abstract) really apply at the college level – especially at some of the more rural Commonwealth campuses.  

IDS Mobile Media Kit


I was recently tasked with putting together a collection of gadgets and accessories that could comprise a Mobile Media Kit to be distributed to interested Instructional Design staffers throughout the Commonwealth. Once I found a suitably versatile Lowepro bag I set about filling it with a 32 GB iPod touch (in the same Belkin Ergo case with strap that we’ve been using for our Mobile Media Pilot), PED-3 tripod mount, GorillaPod, iRig Mic and Griffin stylus. I also put together a pack-in sheet that will let recipients know on which apps we would recommend spending a $25 iTunes gift card. 

It’s a cohesive little package and one that I’m pretty excited to see our campus contacts put to good use. I know I want one!