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April 2011

An oldie

Given the excitement about the royal wedding, though, I thought that a bit of royal gossip with French & Saunders might be appropriate.

Watch: “This Is Why We Fight” by The Decemberists

I don’t even normally like The Decemberists, but there is something about this video that really does it for me. Maybe the filter that makes it all look like Anthropologie’s post-apocalyptic collection catalogue shoot?

Watch: Abduction trailer

I’m not necessarily endorsing the new film Abduction but I did want to point out this trailer. Some of you might remember that Kate’s parents’ neighborhood was recently set upon by hordes of teenaged girls because a certain teen-wolf was living there. Well, this movie is the reason for that mob of spotty trollops as it was filmed in and around their streets. Now you know!


Make the jump and you’ll get to the next stage. But if you fluff the event — jump too early and you’ll slam into the adjacent skyscraper, jump too late and you’ll trip over the edge and plummet to your death — it’s game over, forever.

No pressure or anything, right? Still, One Single Life does sound like a thought-provoking – and unbelievably frustrating – art project, if not a game.


I give you the Q3

Really, though, Audi does.  And it is beautiful in this “Samoa Orange” color – that we probably won’t get in the States because, you know, Gott forbid.

In fact, we may not get any Q3 here in the US at all, as Audi has apparently put its distribution “on hold” for America – whatever that means.

It’s a real shame because I am all over the Q3 if it makes it here by February 2012.  Especially with this fantastic new interior design language (and because the 2012 A3 has recently become a 2013 A3 due to more Euro-first model planning).

(Autoblog, where a gazillion photos await)

The Flip Camera is No More

Luckily, the Media Commons has been exploring a move to iOS devices for mobile video recording (and editing and photography and research and ARGs, and…) because the latest news from Cisco could have been devastating.  The networking company has decided it no longer actually wants to be into consumer electronics and is nixing the popular Flip line.  Since our standard Media Commons model is almost entirely based on Flip cameras at the moment, this will certainly force us to move even more quickly towards an iOS-flavored future.  Just glad we’ve already started the groundwork…