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August 2009


While shopping for shirts online today, Kate and I came up with the same maxim for men’s clothing:

“You have to ask yourself, ‘would John Goselin buy it?’ If the answer is yes, then your answer is no.”

Truer words and all that…

Could this save the car industry?

Jalopnik has a curious little post about the Gordon Murray T25 and its radical new method of production. I have to do some more digging, but it certainly seems like – if not the T25 – something like this could pave the way to cars built on demand. Here’s the article:

Gordom Murray T25 Could Lead To Apple Car

My thinking seems to be along the lines of: cars are fashion accessories with utilitarian purposes, like sneakers | you can make yourself custom sneakers online | why not cars a la NIKEiD?

(Thanks, Jalopnik.)

Random Object Generator

[I know this is a total cop-out, but I’m too tired to think of anything creative to blog about. Deal with it.]

Installment #4:


What is it? woven pear and apple

What’s its deal? became mine in a purging of her apartment belongings

Where does it live? impossible to assemble Danish bookcase in the dining room

Any notable facts? I presume they are from Hannah’s mom, Marie

I swear, I’m not just paranoid

Considering how many notices we are getting on campus right now about flu in the newest pig flavor, I do have to wonder what’s going on. As you might remember, I’ve been a bit skeptical of swine flu since we started hearing about it several months ago.

And now a history lesson from CBS in 1979:

Just strikes me as strange that as early as 1976, the government was freaking everyone out about swine flu and forcing vaccinations – and here we are again. Could 1976 have been a trial run? Could this all just be terrible mismanagement and a fear-obsessed media causing organizations (like my school) to run scared? Is this as sinister as I am starting to suspect yet again?

(Thanks, Digg.)

Random Object Generator

Installment #3:


What is it? Interaction WALL-E

What’s its deal? travel gift from Kate to me following a visit to FAO Schwarz

Where does it live? bottom shelf of the TV stand by the XBox 360

Any notable facts? makes an ungodly racket and terrifies the cats, which is awesome to watch

Never clean again!

I wish that’s what this development out of Purdue was promising. Specifically:

The polymer coatings, which can be applied to surfaces including glass and concrete, are 20,000 times thinner than a human hair and have two key layers: A bottom layer of polyethylene glycol, which attracts water, and an upper layer of a Teflon-like molecule that repels oil.

Oh, please be the way to white gloves that repel dirt a la The Diamond Age. I do love washing my car, but this would certainly free up many hours of my time.

(Thanks, GreenBiz.)

I hope this is a new feature

Jalopnik is a perennial favorite car blog read every day for me. I was delighted to see that they had a piece by Peter Orosz (of Hyperleggera fame) today under the heading of “Design Deconstructed.” The first case study was the 2010 Acura ZDX (a schizophrenic car if I’ve ever seen one.) I enjoyed reading what was essentially the same sort of autistic deconstruction of a motoring form that I myself often force upon the unlucky (Kate.) What most people see as nothing more than an appliance can send me through hundreds of words of compare and contrast. It was truly wonderful to read some else’s similar exploration – especially since I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen the same comparison cars. I’d love to see more Design Deconstructed breakdowns of today’s vehicles.

Here’s hoping it’s a recurring feature, Jalopnik!