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October 2005

Post-party depression…

I think that, after a warm and wonderful night like the last, I’m having a very hard time spending this day alone at work. I’m so bored here with absolutely nothing to do (specific or otherwise). It’s definitely loneliness, in the clichéd sense of “all alone in a crowded room.” The lab is full of students, talking and chattering away, but I’m sitting here feeling completely cold and listless. I finally broke my isolation with a walk to the ATM and a stop for some food and a soda at UniMart. (Hmm…maybe my blood sugar being below the bottom has something to do with how I’ve been feeling?) Sitting outside, with my back against a tall oak tree, sun beaming on my face, I realized just how depressed this stupid Sunday shift makes me. I am usually pretty glad to be at work in the FMC – there’s Denise to entertain me, interesting clients, the usual little challenges, etc. Here, I’m going stircrazy, and it’s putting into motion a very odd series of thoughts.

But yes, last night, Emily came over to join Nicole and Mike on a quest to drunkeness. We had sangria (in this beautiful new pitcher I picked up yesterday), ‘red headed sluts,’ and a meal of slow-cooked split pea and ham soup. Watched some Monty Python for as long as our attention spans could hold us and then Party Monster. It was an enjoyable time for all…lots of laughs, especially over the slippery kitchen floor…and I got to round out my night with a much needed cuddle.

Today, though, I really need a hug or at least human interaction. Students do not count. Somebody kidnap me.

Chinchilla in (hopefully) two days.

Oh boy, oh boy!

I’m so getting a chinchilla this weekend if I can. This is why:

Exhibit A: The baby chinchilla is adorably cute.

Exhibit B: Like a squirrel + bunny = hotness.

Besides, if it doesn’t work out, I’m one chinchilla closer to a really hot coat.

Exhbit C: This is so wrong.

Weekend: Done.

Well, for one of the most trying weekends of my recent existence, I would say that things went pretty well. Morgan’s wedding was exquisite. The colours and decorations were impeccable and the food fucking rocked out. Baked brie and catfish all in one place? Yes. While the photographer was a spaz and quite a bit of the interaction was awkward, I think it all went off very well. I’m glad, because Morgan deserved it…and would have caught fire if anything had gone awry.

I’m also glad it’s over. And, in three hours, this day will be over, too. Au revoir, October 23rd.

Some things that kinda suck:

1.) Being ditched by people who are supposed to care.
2.) Being ditched by email.
3.) Not knowing why you’ve been ditched in the first place.

I need to stay positive, though. So, here’s a list of things that are pretty cool:

1.) Being remembered when you need to be.
2.) Getting flowers from someone special, as a surprise.
3.) Having a visitor at work, also as a surprise.
4.) Finishing a project from nothing in a single day.
5.) Great friends like Morgan & Bob…and ducks.
6.) RJD2. Thanks, Angelar. I forgot I had it on my iMac!


So, driving home on 220 tonight, I noticed that traffic was moving ungodly fast. When did I notice? Right about the time that I merged on at 70 mph and was almost run down by an Explorer going at least 80. (Note to non-State College residents: 220 is posted at 55 mph.) So, I thought it was probably best to slow down, as I assumed that there would be a cop out by this time of day with so many speeders. Lo and behold, three miles later, there sits the little piggy behind a knoll. Now, I’m still ‘following’ a group of cars going at least 75, barely tagging along and the cop doesn’t pull out for any of us. However, as I was exiting about a mile later, there was very suddenly a huge, black BMW 750Li riding right up into my ass.

At this point, I saw the squad car flying down 220, lights in a frenzy. “Wow,” I thought, “what does someone have to do to get his attention tonight?” Meanwhile, BMW, with his disgusting, middle-aged man at the helm and NJ plates, is so far up in my car, I’m having a conversation with it in the passenger seat. Finishing the corkscrew of the off-ramp, I’m getting fiercely annoyed by Mr. Bavarian Motor Works and his surrogate penis.

But then! Then, there was justice. The red and blue lights appear several cars behind, and quickly move up. Who could be receiving this special attention? Was it me or was it the gigantic black sedan that somehow managed to be tailing me even though it hadn’t been behind me for nearly five miles?

The fucker so got pulled over moments later. I smiled and cruised the rest of the way into town, feeling lighter than air.

Oh, yeah. In other car-related news, Ms. Helga has now hit 14,000 miles. You may send congratulatory gifts care of me to my apartment. Thank you.

A cup of coffee to the head…

There is nothing better (read: worse) than having last night’s coffee with your morning cigarette. Well, maybe death, but that is kind of moot since death will probably result from both substances at some point in the future.

I had all day off yesterday and all day off again today. It’s absolute absurdity, I know. Yesterday, I did my laundry after getting out of bed at noon and spending an hour shopping for airfare to Rome. 3 March 2006 – flying out of JFK! I think that I am really getting excited now since everything is official. Maybe more so when the tickets actually arrive here? While I was out with the dirty clothes, I decided to spend some time taking photos. The colours in Talleyrand Park were perfect yesterday since the rain had hypersaturated everything. I really got some amazing shots…47 out of 104 photos. Not bad for an hour’s work.

Dusty: I’ve changed my mind and want in on your secret plot.

Oh, yes! Walking back, I finally decided to stop in and inquire about a drawing that had caught my attention for several weeks at an antique store on High Street. I was scared that it was gone when I first went in, being as it was no longer on display. However, I found it sitting on a chair in an obscure corner of the store. It’s now hanging on my wall, this wonderful, eccentric drawing from a correctional facility’s art teacher, Jeff Williamson. I think it’s probably the best $30 I’ve spent in a very long time.

And that is nearly all. Emily is coming over for dinner and a movie this evening. I think I’ll make her tuna wraps with cucumber and grapes. Yes, that’s it.

Oh, right! Since we have these Bonus! Boredom Busters, I thought I would add an ultra-special x 3000 link of my own. This will take you to a great video by Maria Taylor in High Definition. Song Beneath the Song (QuickTime 7 & Broadband Required)


Yay! I love the new theme. We all owe Dusty a big thanks for taking the “I like these three. Choose one.” email I sent him the other night and turning it into a working design. I’m glad we swapped out the banner for something more original, too.


In a sweater and a scarf…

Ah, real fall weather…in October! The novelty of it all. I drove in to work under a mottled grey sky with beads of last night’s rain as constellations on my windshield. The yellow lines were the perfect shade to contrast the slate colour of a wet road. I took a picture with the ‘imaging phone,’ as Nokia bills it.

My weekend trip home went very well. I really went into it with no plans whatever and I think that was probably the saving grace of the entire visit. My mom was pretty busy the entire time with her fundraising activities. My dad had odd jobs around the house and most everyone else had school or was working. But, I fit myself into enough schedules to feel like I had seen everyone that mattered. My car was cleaned and I got to walk in the crunchy leaves with Ebony and Zoe, so I really couldn’t ask for anything more. Of course, there were dysfunctional family dramas, as always, but I think I’m getting to the point where I can just let them roll off…and even chuckle a bit while they are happening. There is a sense of permanence in the people that fill my life, so I let most of the daily happenings take a backseat to the relationship underneath.

Helps a lot.

And now I’m back. Sitting for day two in Studio 204, staring out the window at the soccer fields and Eisenhower parking deck. The football asshole-try of yesterday has given way to a near silence on campus and I am happy to have it. Normally, I don’t really care about football – it exists, I don’t like it, but we give each other space. However, seeing as I had to rearrange everything from what time I came back from home to when I came into work and where I parked when I got here to avoid the OSU/PSU game, I’m rather sick of sport in general. *blah*

But, I have a lunch guest coming around noon and then I’m helping Morgan with programs after work. Plus, Nicole is on a cooking kick and has decided to make me chili tonight! So, I guess today might not find me in a perfect mood, but at least I have things to look forward to. 🙂

Oh yeah! I watched Crash with Dusty at mine on Friday night and I fucking loved it! It was confusing enough to be real life but not gimmicky or wholly dependent on the quirks that some films are (ahem, Memento). Defo not moving to LA ANYtime soon.