I am an educational technology professional and freelance web designer born into the digital age with outstanding communications skills and a humanizing touch for cutting edge technology. I am versed in both the hardware and software required for electronic creative endeavors.

Since October 2010, I have been working for Education Technology Services at Pennsylvania State University as a traveling multimedia consultant. My work takes me to the innovative Media Commons spaces located at Commonwealth Campuses throughout western Pennsylvania where I work with faculty and students as they engage with digital media tools and techniques. It also affords me the opportunity to work on some of the learning initiatives at each campus that affect the entire Penn State system.

In the Summer of 2011, I helped found – and then began freelance work as the a Learning Design Specialist at – Signum University, a new online institution that aims to offer through low-cost online delivery the same student-focused and conversational learning experiences found at liberal arts schools. This opportunity saw me developing content management systems, public-facing web resources and delivery platforms for asynchronous course materials as well as carrying out marketing and instructional design tasks.

Previously, I was employed as an Instructional Technologist in the Office of Information Technologies at Washington College. There I found opportunities to try on various hats in such a small, liberal arts environment. I worked closely with my colleagues on integrating technologies such as iTunes U, social networking, iPads and blogging into the classroom experience. By blending technological understanding with solutions-oriented thinking, I offered comprehensive support for all of my clients – be they students, faculty or staff. My makeup as equal parts artist and education professional allowed me to foster a unique atmosphere for the campus community.

My foundations for being an effective technologist were built during my time spent at Penn State, both as a student and as an employee. By pursuing a BA in Integrative Arts – a student guided academic program – I was afforded the chance to pursue a job with Education Technology Services as a major portion of my studies. Working as an Instructional Developer from 2003 through my graduation in 2005 and beyond allowed me to grow as a young professional. ETS brought many fascinating clients and challenging projects my way, presenting me with invaluable on-the-job learning.

It is my sincere goal as I move forward to continue finding ways to bring my clients empowerment through human-scale technology solutions.

Nick Smerker

Start with a quote…

You cannot endow even the best machine with initiative; the jolliest steam-roller will not plant flowers.

– Walter Lippmann